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Friday, November 1, 2013


Hello everyone, it's been a hectic week and i try to put myself back to this mind-blowing activities of mine. And guess what, i get little times to share what my top 5 favorite instagram accounts. Generally, it's my version of good posts, so yeah, i will have it my way.

In the 5th place is a fashion blogger from Indonesia, i kind of fancy her vintage and preppy style. If i can add, it's difficult to compete her to dress vintage-ly. She - most of the time - nailed it. And.... *drum roll* congratulation @lucedale. If you ever looked her instagram, i actually like the way she edits her photos. She uses vsco cam if i am not mistaken, i am not really familiar with smartphone's photo editor, actually.

Anyway, the 4th place is placed by an artist, not actually a common artist who paint in canvas or paper, she decorates plates by putting the food artistically and somehow i really love it. It's good for inspiration, tho. And i am enjoying her photos on my dashboard. hehe. It is @idafrosk. Her real name is Ida Skivenes and she is from Norway. She already published her book. It is available in Amazon.

The 3rd place is stolen by a lovely lady from Russia. She has good taste for photography. I love most of her photos. And congrats @anastasiakuzmina !!

So we almost done here. the 2nd place goes to she who dedicates her life to travel and eat. A singaporean. And she makes me craving for delicious foods on my diet program. *r.i.p diet* anywayyyyy, congratulation Brad Lau, you are in the 2nd place. Talking about you makes me hungrier. I should stop. hehehehe

Does this waffle look very.......i don't know, attractive?

It's killing me, tho. Hahahaha but congrats anyway.

And the one and only instagram account i really adore and very inspirative is maybe kind of shocking and you will disagree but as said, i will have it my own way so.... here it is..

@ellemayleckenby congrats! Anyway you guys dont get prize or what so ever but i adore you guys. You all are amazing. I lover her photos and i bet she is a photographer and also a fashion enthusiast.

Anyway, that's all.