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Thursday, October 24, 2013

thank God it only happens to me.

I am having a real bad day. I never realise that one day can be very very very painful and ironic at the same time. I dont want to tell the whole story but the day before yesterday, my permission to come to one of fashion show today was accepted. But the schedule makes me hardly come, i don't say i can't come, but i hardly come. And i really want to wear black sweater which i don't have yet. And when i try to buy one, i stuck in the traffic jam, so i decided to go back home. I thought i can figure that out. But sometimes, you have to stop trying to know what is worth fighting for. What do you really want. And i moved on to the store layout project, i was about to draw space zoning and i realised it's gone. it's not with me anymore. And i was jut upset and mad and sad and i was about to cry, and i cried in the of the day. the teacher just said yes to the space configuration last monday and it's gone today. It's heartbreaking. No i am not being melodramatic, it's too much to handle. You've been working this project for weeks, and when it's done, the project decided to go.

ANYWAY how about your day? ruined as mine? or blessed as my other day?

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