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Monday, October 21, 2013


Hi everyone, i am currently watching video advertisement of Roberto Cavalli and Just Cavalli for my assignment and then i have to write the report based on my analysis about the video. I choose Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter Collection 2013 - 2014. Liu Wen, Liya Kebede and Iselin Steiro are starring the video and the video looks very 'cavalli'. You know, strong personality, very stands out, bold and charismatic. It's perfect. 
And what i am saying for my assignments are these:

"The theme of the video that is directed by Mario Testino, tells us about three elegant women who stand out from a crowd because the bold and brave style they have. These women are from different race, which represents that Roberto Cavalli is universal. Every woman in this world can wear Roberto Cavalli. But it cleverly doesn’t lose its exclusivity. Beside exclusivity, glamour, and stands out of the crowd, this video presents highly strong kind of women who are not afraid for being differently charismatic. And what I am saying here is by wearing Roberto Cavalli, women will feel adored, wanted, worshiped, and every one else can only be jealous and mad at themselves.

The marketing impact by publishing this video are this video is good for building its brand image, this video is also a tool to inform the customers what will Roberto Cavalli looks like in Fall/Winter 2013-2014. This video is purposed to show what Roberto Cavalli brings this Fall and show what is so important about them. Beside building brand image and a tool to inform the customers, this video is very provocative in term of suggesting people. Because what I am seeing here in the video, three women with highly strong personalities and charisma want to conquer the world. Who doesn’t want to hold the world in her hand? Roberto Cavalli successfully communicate its brand image."

What do you think?

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