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Friday, October 4, 2013

Greetings From Audrey

Hi again people who pass my blog by accident,

I am spending time to write on one my day off, it doesn't feel good because i could wake up later and watching movies all day long, but since we all know, each people need to get their ass off of coach to change the world, so do i, so i wake up and ready for today. Today's plan is basically the same with the rest of my weeks, finishing my projects.

Anyway, those sweatshirts stuff, i don't really take it seriously, they can walk away if they want, but it is nice to relate my personal life with fashion, if you know what i mean. But those sweatshirts are lovely, aren't they?

But, as Ed Sheeran said, "Maybe i should let you go.." 

No, i am not talking about you, it's for the sweatshirts.


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