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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hi Hi Hi!

Maybe it's too late to say hi to October, but i will say it anyway.

It is one of lame posts, but i will post it anyway. So this october is my second month of my 4th semester. Yes, don't be so surprised people, I have two years to go. Anyway, on this semester, there is a new subject i should learn titled: store layout. It is pretty complicated, rough, complex, not easy, and not easy, and also not easy. Why? Because i can't measure correctly. It takes me hours to draw one part of our stores (we do it in group, so Thank God). I feel you, interior design students, i feel you.

I am kind of over-think people. So i have so many things to think about, and i also over-react. No, i don't scream to people if i get mad or something goes wrong, i just act calm; like nothing happens. But in my head is full of chaos. I say too many 'what if' to myself. And i will end up crying, disappoint myself and yah you know.

But, i am very glad that i survive. omg this is non-sense. hahaha i just being gloomy. I am sorry people.

huge love

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