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Thursday, October 3, 2013


because everyone moves on but me

At last, there is only me staying here to heal my wounds. It's not because they don't care, it's because i stop convincing them "that hurt", so yeah, i will be fine.

Anyway, i am adoring sweatshirts from Kenzo, if you know those are eye sweatshirts. Both white and black are such lovely. It will be great if i can have them both.
But, the thing is, i cant get them. They are out of my reach, like you. They simply walk away as the season ends. Like you. And i will be here staring them leaving me. You don't give me chance to convince you that i will love you better. What hurt the most is: she deserves you. I really hope you would be the last, but as Stephen says: "we accept love we think we deserve."

I never can share pains, because it will be not polite to see someone else sad because of me. It's the best to keep this by and for myself, because at the end, there is only me standing here by myself to heal the wounds. You are your own cure. Time helps.

Scumbag sweatshirts are scumbag


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