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Monday, October 7, 2013

What Mushrooms Do To Me

I am done reading the last book of tetralogy by Dee Lestari. That last piece is titled Partikel. It basically complete three others and be the one which close the whole case from the first book. It is kind of complicated because i honestly dont understand about most of names of mushroom (yeah, the books talk about mushroom, 'what they see when they eat mushroom', Eboka:which is the one name of many names of mushroom in that book, what mushroom is capable of doing, etc.)

I guess she wanted us to know that mushroom is one of most strongest organism in this earth, and the mushrooms are not only for pleasure but also for finding spirit inside us. Well, that's kind of deep, and i bet you want to stop reading this post (btw, i do) but but but, what is so interesting about the tetralogy is, there is always one and two love affair inside them. She uses unique situation to put betrayal, or when the character found their real soulmate. it somehow makes me warm. You know the feeling when you read novel and it ends happily ever after. But in these novels, they give me impression that it doesn't have to be prince charming; the ones who got the best smile, the best look, the best wealth but it has to be the one who suits you best. The one who knows you better than you know yourself. Well, it sounds naive, but i'd like to have life partner like that. (the rest of the requirement wont be declared here, of course) hahahaha.

Anyway, today is going good. I just got home (not home actually but my father's office is my second second home after Grand Indonesia, {well, that's what my friends told me} because home is where you find a strong wifi, yes?)

The Tetralogy

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