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Friday, October 4, 2013

You Deserve It

What does it feel when you find the missing piece of you, the half of you? will you notice? will you realise that he's the one who you've been looking for?

what kind of situation will i deal with when i find you, or you find me.
will you say 'hi'? will you smile at me and say "where have you been all this time?"

Or we will meet in messed-up kind of situation. when you are still in relationship with you girlfriend and i am still thinking that my ex will somehow come back and say "i am sorry makes you waiting for too long"

or you will be the one who say "i am here all this time, with you, sharing things but never love because you're too afraid to get hurt because you think you don't deserve the love people give you. i spend time with you more than you know. the truth is; you deserve big love, because you give people too much love. and i am here standing in front of you convincing you that you deserve it."


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