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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fashion Oh-So-Phenomena

Hello again people..
I am exactly in busy week. Assignments, quiz and mid-term test is on process now. But i always love blogging, you know. hehehe.
I also am working on my Fashion Phenomena's final project. You might be wrong desribe my project. You might think i am working on dress or designing or making collections for fashion show on last week in first smester. Unfortunately, no people. Fashion phenomena itself means history of fashion. Fashion itself is cycle so, the purpose of this lecture is knowing the basic form of style. At that time i dont know that prehistoric era (yes, that nenek moyang thingy) could contribute something in fashion world, but in fact, they did. The furs, Hair clip, One-shoulder dress, they all came from prehistoric era.
Then, Sumerian (the name for Mesopotamia's people) also contribute something then Egypt then then then then...
Okay, i should go back to my assignments. Enjoy you evening beautiful people, i love you..



  1. Anggi anak lasalle kelas fb1.1 bukan? heheh


  2. iya putri. kamu anak fb 1.3 bukan?