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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Cant Be Harder

i really am sorry for not posting anything this latest months. Yes, i admit it. I have nothing to share. I just remember how i started this blog. Clean and comfort and keep it up, dont I?
So, i through the hardest months in my 18 years life. I passed on my final exam, but that wasnt good enough. But, still i really am thankful. Today i just done my er...SNMPTN-test (are you okay with that name?). And i have to wait until 7th of July. What a waste. I dont know, but this is not what i want. I mean, yes i do want to go the University of Indonesia, but it will be better if they have Fashion-Business's major there. i really want to study about fashion, makes patterns everyday, learn how to sew, or knitting. it will be so much fun. it will be great. And when i graduate i will start...

Okay, this is the problem! Because i dont know what will i do after graduate. In other side, i dont want to have a boring life. I want to enjoy my life, and do what i love. I know my passion but i dont know how make it useful. I know, i am depressed. I cant imagine how i will start my college's life. Okay, i know my high school's life is quite tough, but this is harder. i have to decide, anyway. Okay, wish me luck, cyba!

P.S. Lasalle's intake will be held on September. I still have much time, dont I?

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