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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Opinion

I dont know which is better: leave or forget first. Because, in someone's opinion both of them are hurt. But, i will take Raditya Dika's opinion" "I know breaking up is not a good memories to remember but i make joke about it then laugh at it." That is it. Try to make a joke to sad memory is a good one. Laugh about it. In another's opinion laugh is a good medicine. I do agree about this one. 
Your heart indeed need time to be cured but broken heart is not a good reason to feel stuck or even lose. In love, you never lose, you just met the wrong one. But in love you will know sacrifice and give. But dont give or sacrifice too much. Because you just never know. At last, only regret will stay. Somebody said to me that "It is better to be loved then love someone." But, sometimes someone who love us is not the one we loved. 

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