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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Diana The Humble

I always adore someone with humbleness. And she is one of them. She said by herself that she aint a fashion blogger, but she is only a blogger. But, just so you know she is the owner of Up and her blog is amazing. I can even know her latest post from my phone. She is great.
Yes, she is Diana Rikasari. Maybe i dont adore her from the beginning but this is enough to make myself impressed. She is young and talented but full of humbleness. She has everything. She has (many) admirers, but also haters. Sometimes i wonder how can people hates someone like her? Her face is okay, her looks are really okay, her attitude is also okay.  Maybe, they are just jealous. jealous comes from people who....cant get what we have (in this case is Diana Rikasari). I mean, she is famous, cute, funny and humble. Maybe others can say she is lucky or something but i bet she done it with efforts.


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