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Monday, June 18, 2012


I am back! Okay, that is not that dramatic, i think. Enough.

Yesterday, i mean, not exactly yesterday, i just realized something. WELL everybody have their chances to share their opinion dont they?
So, what i want to talk about is how people in social network communicate. We have facebook, twitter, even Facebook has its own movie. Oh, dont forget movie from Indonesia that talks about twitter and its life. Now, there is Path - i dont know exactly what it is but it is like twitter, facebook, and instagram in one social network. Aaahh, Instagram. Yes, there is. Sharing photos through world wide. First, the creators only launched it for Apple stuff (iPod, iPhone, etc) but then they launched Instagram for Android, now everyone on earth (who has Android and Apple) can have Instagram's account. I was a newbie in Instagram, when i first open it, i click Popular post, and many many many great photos there. There was Eiffel tower, dogs (there are so many dogs in Instagram), cats, people with tatoo, killer heels, foods, feet, etc. What i thought was "WOW! The photos are great! They made it without effect, rightttt?" Okay, then, i tried once. i chose my photo then... i knew their secrets. There are many effects. Not that many, i mean, but there is effect to make photos look dramatic. very dramatic. Ho-ho. I looks so stupid now. Then i posted something. Post photo, yes, of course. Wow, the photo looks great really, i dont lie. Meme in 9gag was right, Instagram wont make you a great photographer.
No offense, everybody, because i use it too. I have fun, tho. So, i bet Darwis Triadi doesnt have an Instagram's account (wait, i will check it. wait a minute.) Yes, he doesnt have any.

Okay, well, until now, i am having fun but feel sucks too, dont know why. haha, maybe the meme above is really offensive. hahahaha. now  i am laughing at myself. Why i use Instagram? To have fun. Maybe, there is people out there think the same way i am thinking. And there are people use their DSLR to took photos then transfer them to their Apple or Android stuff then POST them to Instagram. Okay, it is okay too. As Burger King's owner said: "Have it your way." 

Is that meme really offensive, people? hahahahaha, just kidding. Okay, ameteurs, back to work.

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