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Monday, June 18, 2012

Best Frenemy Ever :)

What did you say? Friend? Bestfriend? I never forget.

One thing i do forget is how you leave from my life? When? 


Need days to admit i let my bestfriend leave. i just cant stand with him. Maybe his selfishness or mine is bigger? I dont f-ing care.

I didnt give my best, i know. So did you. You only have 2MB memory's capacity yes, knew it. You only remember that you hate everyone. And everyone hate you. That is all. 
Some voice in my head told me that i was only jealous. Yes, i admitted it too. But, i was not that jealous. I just feel forgotten. I feel left behind. That is all.

I just hate when you can ruin person's day in a glimpse because he ruined yours. Maybe you need mirror to see yourself first .

I dont hate you, i never. But, everyone have frenemy - friend yet enemy. I have you, instead. :)

Okay. I said it.

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