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Friday, June 21, 2013

What Is Up When Others Fall

Prediction For Fall 2013//style.com
Some people think that today is too soon to predict future, but i never think so. Today is the correct time to predict what will happen tomorrow.

I will start with the pantone color. Mykonos Blue, Koi, Emerald, Vivacious, Linden Green and others will invade in Fall 2013! You have enough time to brace yourself. For additional information, the color's picture will be not exactly the same because of the resolution of the computer. You should find another references.

Have you heard about New Look? Beautiful silhouette design that created by Christian Dior. Originally, the two lines were named as "Corolle" and "Huit" (which included the new "Bar suit" silhouette). However, the new collection went down in fashion history as the "New Look" after the editor-in-chief of Harper Bazaar, Carmen Snow's exclamation, "It's such a New Look!"
It seems this look come back from grave. 

Beanie was another phenomenon for winter 2012. Worn by fashion-street-wearer make it famous. Chanel apparently will use its fame for its Fall 2013 RTW collection. 

I know you are familiar with polkadot pattern. This polkadot represents vintage, old, yet modest style. I already warned you, because dots will be over the place.

Who doesn't know Andy Warhol? Beside pop art, he also designed beautiful sketches of shoes that Christian Dior use as the prints of his dress in Fall 2013 RTW collection. What a genius. 

Prediction is still a prediction, people. 


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