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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blessed Month

Curently, most of my friends are fasting, this is fasting month, before, i want to tell you all, Happy Fasting, My Fellas. And this is a bad and also good news for me. The bad one is i can't eat in front of them for a month which means i also do fasting. The good news is, i got a long long holiday. Haha. That sounds good, heh?  Yes, that sounds really good. Beside, my school will shorten the lesson schedule. That is really a good one. I will get home soon this month. Eh? Suddenly i remembered Opick, one of those Islamic singer. Oh, i was randomizing, forgive me. hehehe. This month really is blessed month. I hope you can fasting as expected, my friends. Be blessed. 0:)


  1. hope then we all have the best month of this summer!!

  2. I hope so :) anyway thanks for giving respond :D