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Thursday, May 7, 2015

(Not) So Late Night Post

It's been ages I don't write any post. I lost my laptop again, in technical way. My Macbook is broken and I don't think seven millions can save her either. So I am currently looking for new laptop basically. I honestly need something stronger than my Macbook (doesnt mean to be harsh, tho) but I dont know because Macbook can be very attractive despite the fact it's very fragile. Maybe it's because the exclusivity. But in the end, like Ellen DeGeneres said, you need a taco that can contain all the guacamole you want. I am thinking Vaio, tho. God, I will miss her so much. *cry*

Anyway, since I am currently unemployed, I manage to do anything during my 'free' time. I gained 6 kg for God's Sake. It was like a slap on the face. I am trying to lose it now.

I designs again. Generally, it's technical drawing. Oh, and Fitlosophy goes well. I am so thrilled, it's almost a year now. Imagine myself having an almost one year old baby girl. The struggle is real.

It's pretty much it.



The thing is... Ah, nevermind.

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