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Monday, May 18, 2015

Late Night Thoughts: on Norwegian Wood & Hateful Feeling

I just finished reading Norwegian Wood. I said, ‘New reading won’t do any harm’. Then I started to read it. Good perspective, I thought. I never read literature as ‘wounded’ as Norwegian Wood.

It’s not a simple kind of sad. It tore you apart until at some point you chose to take a breath and thank God you’re still alive. It was way too deep until I believe that was Mr. Murakami’s actual story. But he denied it, tho. Who am I telling you otherwise?

I had my difficulties to imagine the actual events and how everything could be that messed up, since I was never been to Japan, but the way he expressed himself through writing was moving. It took four deaths in one book to make me realize that I have this one life.

Well, I had no intention to waste it, like another person on my ask.fm told me otherwise. But thanks a lot to him/her who said to me that it saddened him/her to see me wasting my parents’ money and not having a decent job because he/she thinks having one little brand is not a decent job, and by doing that, I waste my parents’ money. I appreciate his/her concern. I do, but I wish he/she got more balls to say it in front of my face. It doesn’t come from random people. I understand this person knows me to not telling me in person and chose a hateful social media like ask.fm, and yet, not that well to understand that I will prove him/her wrong.

He/she seems very concern that I had wasted my parents’ money. He/she doesn’t need to worry about that, because I won’t.

If someday he/she realizes that calling me and my friends’ creations were ‘only online shop’ or he/she thinks Jakarta Fashion Week was nothing won’t make him/her be any better than me, than us, for that matter, he/she can always come clean and apologize. (Of course he/she will need bigger balls.)

Remember what I said about a society? You can’t please them all. Why bother giving love to someone who doesn’t want it in the first place?

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