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Monday, May 18, 2015

Late Night Thoughts: on How #single became a #trend

It’s a long title, I know right? I tried to come up with more catchy title, but I failed. So I have been thinking this since a very long time, but I was very distracted by everything and here I am. It’s probably nothing, and we all are okay with it, but sometimes when I am not in the mood of being very sad and stop making tear-dropping stories on my blog (check them here), I just started to think why this song is very sad. Or why is this movie so very dramatic? Or why are all good songs always have this twisted hurting lyric in it? And why am I doing this? I mean, I don’t judge or whatever and I don’t think I am not one of them who crave something sad to, you know, relate. Won’t you agree if every time someone broke our heart, there is always at least one song you can totally relate, and you end up listening to it until it somehow heals you? It’s comforting and that’s good for you. And I don’t blame you for that. That’s okay. That’s normal. And that’s how we are human.

Until, it was just too much. Too much cry, too much sad songs, too much sad stories. The more songs and stories I can relate, the harder I can let go.
And here in Indonesia, being heartbroken is actually has its own trend. Here we call it, ‘galau’. There is actually a song titled Galau and I was like ‘okay….’.        

Beside ‘galau’, it is actually kind of a big deal if you don’t have date on Saturday night or being single for a long time. They actually have one title for it they call them ‘jomblo ngenes’. Wow. And people start using hash-tag to talk about it and it gone viral. Everybody knows what ‘jomblo ngenes’ is. Yeay.

And on the other side, single people will busy defending themselves and say that they are single by choice. Well. Okay. Note that.

Here is the thing. In Indonesia, most people still worry about what other people might think of them, so they will obligatory try to impress everybody else buy getting a girlfriend or being very defensive about it.

Some colleagues of mine ever guessed how many years I have been single and they guessed six years. Wow, it’s a very long time, by the way. They were wrong, obviously. It’s not the point. The point is I barely even care. They can guess whatever they want, but I won’t look for a boyfriend because they told me so.

I believe there’s always the right time for everything. And it is already written for me. Naive? I know.   

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