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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sentiment Artwork

It's been a little while since my last post. My laptop just died two weeks ago and he is back with me now. For summing up my activities, I would love to start with Brasserie Gabrielle at Grand Palais that happened yesterday.

Surrounded by the loyal and royal Chanel warriors dressed (mostly) in tweed jackets and bringing Chanel signature quilted bags (and mostly in black), Cara Delevigne was the first to present Ready To Wear collection for Autumn/Winter 2015 in puffy quilted jacket. The refine idea came from what Gabrielle used to do during her spare time. Cherish the atmosphere of her favourite diner and winer and admiring the gastronomy by herself or accompanied by her best ones. Karl nicely built the diner for the idea of her as spirit at Grand Palais. I assume we all can catch some sentiments here.

Quoting Style.com where they loved to call Brasserie Gabrielle as the least cynical collection during his duty as Chanel's creative director but for my sanity here I personally say that Karl can be as cynical as he wants to and still pull out such an amazing collection. But yesterday was personal. Yesterday was the way Karl would prefer to find himself sitting down on very comforting sofa next to the window, watching life goes by without squeezed by paparazzi and savouring his favourite wine at his favourite fancy diner. At that time I will wonder, will Karl need to go to sleep to dream of amazing designs for the next collection?

Not only personal and least cynical, Brasserie Gabrielle was also the most 'Chanel' collection since 32 years ago (let me count it for you: from 1983). Tweed dominated the collection as quilted jacket follows. And I bet houndstooth never go anywhere since 2013.

One minor comment, took Kendall as one of the model next to Cara, would be one step that most of designers this year would have taken for business' sake. And I won't say it's not wise, and Karl loves familiar faces on the runway, I respect that. But Chanel is doing great only by the subtle designs and executions.

Sorry for lack of pictures, I have bad internet connection here. For more pictures kindly visit Style.com

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