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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Post of The Day

Good day everyone! Before i go further, this is my personal post and my personal opinion, and you can agree or disagree with me. Anyway, i just got back from the gym with my roommate, and we took busway to the gym because it's very crowded out there and we didn't want to waste our time. So we walked to go to the busway station (is it what it's called?), just for your additional information, we wore casual gym clothes like t-shirts and pants. And when we walked down the street, some guys (i always call them abang-abang or mas-mas) said something with inappropriate tones. I didn't know why they always said thing with that kind of tone and making disgusting faces when we walked. What is going on? We wore appropriate clothes, for God's sake. They also can't shut up their mouth when we wore shirt and jeans. Like, seriously? And i always think people like that have mind disorder. Or all of them have a fucked up brain. Can't they imagine if their daughters or wives got treated like that? Can't they see that they will feel insulted too? Or maybe they don't have daughters. Well, that sounds impossible. I don't have good tips to avoid those perverts but all i know is they whistle to all moving boobs. Well, i feel insulted and it is one of sexual harassments. But unfortunately i can't press charges, because if i can, they will share place with murderer and thieves, so yeah. But it will make a better place, tho. So for guys who usually do that to women, please know that if someday you have daughters and wife, you don't want them treated that way. It's actually as simple as karma works, don't you see?



  1. It's kind of the exact thing I have to deal with every single day in my city. They'll look at you and pass these remarks regardless of what clothes you'll wear. I think it's the fucked up brain case.

    They don't care. They really don't. They would probably treat their female family members like that too. I know it's sick but that's what these people are too. Like I said, I partly blame society for that. I don't know why they weren't taught to respect all human beings when they were growing up; by their parents. We as women, we need to change, we need to speak up rather than tolerate these kind of shit.


    1. Oh my God, that's awful. Right? They need to know that is rude and have to stop doing that.