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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


means "endless" and represents ∞ in mathematic's symbol. A simple symbol to reminds me that how life works. That is how people know that what goes around, comes back around. And why do I admire ∞ ? That symbol makes me control myself, makes me being good to everybody, being nice to people i hardly like, being honest to my parents, and makes me pray harder. And when sometimes I experienced bad moments, those remind me about how not good I was. You know, life is as simple as that. As long as you survive through your bad moments, you are gonna be good. Dont blame others, please, because this symbol and its meaning has made long time ago before we born. Everybody loves you if you want to pay attention, spare your time to choose the ones who really care about you and the ones who don't.  


Because it is my favorite symbol, Lemniscate becomes my personal brand for few assignments at school. For business purpose, i hope Lemniscate bring luck. It is a prayer that my business will be everlasting. Ehehehe. 

Anyway, today is Fashion Society, and i forgot bring my blue book. The text book content history of fashion (kind of). It is a must to bring that book every meeting and i dont bring it today. Aha-ha-ha-ha. I am toasted, man. Really. No joke.


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