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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Birthday Post

Thanks for all birthday wishes, everyone. I really love them. And thanks for not forgetting my birthday. I really appreciate that. I will remember your birthday, i promise.

I am obsessed by cupcakes lately. Do you know why i love them? Because they are small, sweet and stiff. And i can order them online. What a sweet way to order cupcakes. You can check it at hellocupcakescompany.com
 By the way they are having cupcakes charity program to help children. Well, i hope it will work. You can help them if you want.
Rio, thanks for the gift. You should put your photos more than my ex's photos. Ahahaha...
Nanda, thanks for the drawing, i love it :*
Danetaaaa, thanks for calling me old. :3

From my love(s). Love you guys. xx

Thanks Rio! Next time, no my ex photos ;)

Thanks @efmumtaz. This is somehow an epic photo with the silly me in it.
Thanks @danedanny :* This is too cute.

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