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Monday, December 31, 2012

Car Free Night, Goals, and 2012

Hello people who pass my blog, happy new year all. anyway i just got back from ocean of people in Thamrin street. Well, if i can say, that was a mess. A clear mess. Can you imagine a thousand of people walk in Thamrin street in the rainy night - all together (and most of them are wet). Anyway i didnt plan this. i thought Grand Indonesia would be glad if we stay longer in there, but it was not. Grand Indonesia closed at 8 p.m then it made us go to Plaza Indonesia, then end up in Thamrin street. Before took Bajaj to went home, i saw (poor) chinese man (i dont know, he looked like chinese or korean)  who wanted to go home to Sudirman Park, he was trapped in this mess and only can speak english and his native language, well, this hectic situation would be more than a mess for him. I really am sorry for him. if i were him, i already cursed in mandarin or english then started crying.

Okay people i dont have any resolution for a next year a head because re-solution is repeated solutions for me which means those solution couldnt work well. I will replace my resolutions by goals.

My first goal is study hard and pray even harder. I have people to impress so i need to work harder. stay away from deadline (now i know why people put "dead" before line, really, no joke). and kill my lazyness.

The second is kind of lame, but i always want to be a good prayer, no doubt. Good prayer is not always a good people, but she prays hard. Pray for everything. 

Those are my goals. I dont want to have many goals because i could not even accomplish one resolution last year, so, two make it easy.

January is my month. i was born this month in 1994, and my favorite person born in the same date with me (different year) :) yes, you are still my favorite Gibran!

2012 has been so nice to me. The best part in 2012 is when life gives me chances to show people, for once, i am right.

To be honest, because there is no one here but me, taking psychology as my main major was my getaway. i thought i will need a getaway from my crazy dreams being an editor in chief for famous fashion magazine, but i was totally wrong. okay, stop this crap. bye, see you in 2013!!



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