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Thursday, December 20, 2012

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway

hello, blog. hello people who accidentally passing my blog. hello, hello everyone. how's life?
my first semester is officially done. i am ready for another one. anyway, i dont want to talk about my transcript yet because......i dont know the result yet. anyway, my simcard was error two days ago, and i cant get my phonecalls, texts, bbm texts. and i was glad (a little bit) because i didnt need to be nervous because wait on his message, but he never contacted me first, so i didnt feel that little pain, that little pain right in my chest because i really want to contact him even when he just ignore me. ANYWAY..

i am going to have holiday with my family. i hope it will be nice because i just need a holiday. you know, like lying in bed and watch movies. oh, do you like matt in my post before this? yeah, i like him too. he is just....charming. you know i always love his smile. his smile always reminds me about.... i dont know, maybe his smile made my day. nyahahahha, kidding people. i am not into him. i just love his smile in alexa chung's photos. they look good together, dont they? i hope they will be together. *finger cross*

And i never know matt can sings if rio didnt tell me. he has good voice as band vocalist, i mean, he doesnt have that "beautiful" voice, but he sings very good, and the songs are great. and Long Hair is my favorite. maybe because it is easy listening and because he the one who sings it. hahahaha. that is too subjective.

and one more thing, i admit that i couldnt, let me repeat this, I COULD NOT do the marketing's final exam. okay. i said it. and i am sorry if i have to retake this class. please God, dont let that happens. and i am sorry i need to bold, italic and underline "i could not" but i really messed it up. because i didnt study, and that was my fault. okay, eat that nggi! eat that! fuck. 

oh, yah, whateverrr