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Monday, May 6, 2013

What Lasts

Hola everyone! This is the first day of my new semester. Well, i wont say i like the schedule but it is fine. And yah, i hope everything is going to be awesome as wished. I hope i can strike better scores than the previous semesters.

Anyway, since in my previous post i recklessly mentioned R, i think it is the right time to state something. I dont want to thank you or even worse say sorry or whatever. But i realise we both are old and mature enough to represent our feeling wisely whatever it is. I mean, if those tweets were for me, he would eventually text me. So because he didn't text me, i concluded he waits for someone else. That is good for him, at least. You know when people say "i am happy because you are happy" is a lie. Because every time i say "it is good for you to find another one" my chest aches. But that is okay. Like i said there are many important things to deal with instead of finding out who my life partner is. He will find 1001 ways to find me. I will not doubt that.

Anyway, satrio will come home this summer, can't wait to meet him! :)

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