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Friday, May 10, 2013

Basic Cure

I basically don't know what to write here, i am just staring at my another page and suddenly be sad of nothing. I don't know why my tumblr is dominated by sad posts. They sometimes suit me or mostly because i know the movie or the quote from some where else. They say that we will post something that related to us. They are mostly true because we unconsciously like something that has relation with us. Well, it is not a problem, is it?

My latest addiction is Lego House from Ed Sheeran. He might look very much alike ninja turtle, but he is a genius. How many people can genius-ly make song that inspired from children's toy, like.... lego for example. Right? And add a light word like 'pastry' to the deepest song i have ever heard. And i wonder how he made a sentence like this one; "and the worst thing in life come free to us.." 
that is the most desperate sentence i have ever known.

I will never forget when i actually repeat the A-Team from Ed Sheeran over and over again. Then i found myself cry and said to myself that i don't want to die alone. Well, i never knew that i am 'that' dramatic. But yes, i am.

I realise that every time i saw my own posts in my own blog, i feel like what the hell i have been writing about? Why would i share eveything to strangers? And suddenly i want to delete my blog. But i blog for reasons. Reasons i cant tell. It basically because i found that i need to be heard, i guess.


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