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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Heeeyyy, i miss blogging so much. These assignments are just..... yeah, you know. Anyway, i promise you photos of JFFF few weeks ago. I basically watched two fashion show in a week. They are represented by many Indonesian talented designers such as: Sebastian Gunawan, Priyo Oktaviano, Ari Seputra, Denny Wirawan, Didi Budiarjo, Barli Asmara, Carmanita. Denny Wirawan, Didi Budiarjdo, Era Soekamto, Kanaya Tabitha, Liliana Lim, Tri Handoko, Tuty Cholid, and Yongki. But the most memorable ones are shows from  Sebastian Gunawan, Priyo Oktaviano, Ari Seputra, Denny Wirawan, Didi Budiarjo.
Sebastian Gunawan or Seba; he used tenun garut as his main attraction.The show was represented as the light atmosphere of summer. The feminine looks came from light green, flower pattern, and yellow lemon, laces, plaid skirts, and flower headband that complete their look.

The second one came from Ari Seputra. That is a very brilliant way to make tenun lombok more attractive. Yet very attractive, it is also wearable. Without losing the ethnic look from tenun lombok itself, he made the outer wear very chic and sophisticated. who doesnt want to wear ethnic outer wear from Ari's collection?

The third one was really kicked! Priyo Oktaviano presented the mysterious side of tenun bali. The most eye-catching look was the one with big silver headband that covered up the model's face. Every thing about this collection was mysterious, dark, full of ethnic, but still classy and so Priyo. What i could'nt get is when a guy without pants came to the stage. I dont what was going on, but i am pretty sure Prio had his own reason.

When the show went on, Denny Wirayawan was the next turn. He chose tenun from Sulawesi Tenggara to be his major fabric for this time collection. He chose very different theme from other designers. The model were mostly oriental, that fact actually support the message he wanted us to get. The first look who came to the stage was very light, then they went heavier and heavier. People were right about 'saving the best for the last' because Dominique and her look was very intimidating and mesmerizing at the same time.

The last but not least, because as i said people save the best thing for the last, was Didi Budiardjo. He went with tenun sambas. the purple tone from the fabric was pretty. With woven hat and crystal kinda look pants as their accessories made this look very eye-catching and unique. But then they came with long plaid dresses. There were red and koi's color for the dresses and sheer coat at the back was the good ending for the fashion show.


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