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Thursday, March 29, 2012

"..This Is The End.."

Remember when i told you, i tried to stop my silly-bound with R. i broke it on Sunday. when i picked him up. And we went to cinema and watched The Raid. but before that, he accompanied me to had breakfast. well, that was a good day before i asked about his new crush. that really hurted me. Then, when i was arrived at home. he phoned me and asked me why did i act like that? like i was upset to him. "I said, that is because me. i mean, if i am not falling in love with you, i wont be that hurted." He said sorry but he couldnt do anything. i know. the one who supposed to do something is me. i have to leave.

because, maybe, i am too tired to hold on. i am too tired to cry.
Then, i said to him like this : "Okay, this is the last time we chat. This is the last time i phone you. there will be no text from me after this, because when i do, i already forgot you as love. when we meet someday i will recognize you as a stranger. When we met we say hello, and i know this is goodbye... Bye, R. Bye Love."

And i really hope you know what i mean with "Goodbye". Because there will be no Hello.

i love(d) you.

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