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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet Guy in Friend Zone

"If you can let jerks go, then you are not far from your true love." - A

that is sweet when you have bestfriend like him. acting like he knows everything then make many jokes from those. then he made you cry because his joke was hurting instead of funny, then he send u a message, said "i am sorry. that was my bad."
or when you cried for silly reasons or even when you cried with no reason, he said to the next day, "please dont cry." you know, that really made my day. because it is rare to have guy-bestfriend like him.

that is funny when he wanted me to do something i didnt want to, but i laughed him. i said to him, "let see."
fyi, i dont have any crush thingy to him because we are friends, i just love caring people arounds me. and he is one of those people. we share about everything. most of them are friendships and dreams, we chase dreans, and we will make it true. like everybody said, "that is what bestfriends are for." :-)


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