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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Song Without Words

My current favorite song is One from Depapepe. A really great song from duo from Japan. This is a great song because they sing without words in the song. They play guitar and I am like...singing. They don't have a vocalist but the song sings with me. Both of them are guitarist. And I think, One is their masterpiece.
I know them from friend of mine. And, unfortunately I couldn't watch their performance in Java Jazz Festival this year. I saw them on tv. Everybody there love how they played the song. Pity me. But I promise I will watch them next time. I believe they have many good songs, I haven't heard it yet. But this is a good start. Hehehe.

Talking about Japanese, I met one of them these two weeks. His name is Jumpei Haga. He is a exchange student from japan and live with my classmate, Ambi. Ambi and family let him to stay in Malang for two months. He teached students, here. I don't really know how he teach but, if I could make a conclusion from the farewell party for Jumpei yesterday, he is so lovable yet sweet. He is sweet to everyone. Even to me and my friends. Hehe.

He has a cute face. He is so tall and kinda funny, I think. Especially when he talked in Bahasa. Hahaha. We will miss you, Jumpeiii!

Take care, Jumpei-chi. :D

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