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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Anna x Random Questions

These past months i've been following The Coveteur on instagram, and just yesterday they got chance to hit Anna Wintour with 73 random questions. They got into her office and saw what she's doing. I know they were welcomed in her office, but Anna kept her sunnies on to hide (that's adorable). And i already know what Anna will never wear. She thought every technology that invented are brilliant except Apple, she hates spiders and she learns about love from her children. 
Quoting from The Coveteur,"She wishes fashion people would stop saying not 'chic', or 'iconic', but 'journey'." I slightly agree, tho. Spring is chosen to be her favorite season while she's in New York, and she thinks Brooklyn is the new Silicon Valley. She really wants to go to India and the best vacation is going back home to enjoy the real humour (since she thinks brits have different humour compares to americans). 

The September Issue must be great. 

I promise you the video is enjoyable, you can prove it by yourself here and don't forget to visit The Coveteur!     

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