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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adoring Heroic-Criminal

Maybe it is just out of date for me love this serial cartoons. I dont know, but I suddenly adore the cartoon when i watched the first episode, no wonder this is the best cartoon in the world. Okay, you must be know what the cartoon is. Yes this is.. oh i feel ashamed to make this confession. Okay, here I go. Death Note. Okay, you can start laughing at me but i really am sure, i love this one. I really love this one. You know that genius L was scary, but but but, he succeed makes me adore him. And i know now, that Kira is not that bad. He just wanted to make the world a better place, that is a good one. What is the wrong part of that? I dont know. Maybe justice go them crazy. Everyone talk about justice and wanna be one. But we know they cant. There is only one justice, for example i am saying there is no two God, like that. That is why they try to kill each other. And for the Shinigamis. Haha. I think they kinda devilish but in one episode i knew that they can die for someone they love. Like Rem to Misa. Rem would die for Misa. What a sweet thing.

Haha. They are kinda cute, arent they?

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