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Monday, November 28, 2011


i had ever been in love like this, but this is bigger. sometimes, or almost every time i feel sucks, i feel lose because i had lost him. but when we decided to break up, i thought it was a the best way for us. no more tears, no more arguments, no many differences. but i knew this kinda time will come. when i will love him and no love you too. when i still loving him, and on other hand, he loves someone else.
even he know, it wont be working. he will not love me back

okay, i knoooow this post will really cheesy and silly and stupid, but i just cant figure it out.

i know we will be end here like this, friends.

maybe this is for our good. this is for good. i know. because i was leaving for good. for your best.
i am writing this not because i had no mistake but this is how i hurted, this is how i cry.

with tears,
Anggi Lupitasari

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