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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Night Post

Lemniscate's Press Kit
You know how happy i am when my press kit done? All my hard work is paid. All my parents' money doesn't go waste. And there is my brand's name there! hihihi so happy. Hope someday can make the real one. By the way, now 9:36 p.m.

Marketing last project is going to be presented tomorrow. Wish me luck. And also for the meeting with the sales representative from KN Sigma Trans. I am already exhausted. A week to go.

Anyway, my fashion bible is already done, i collect it yesterday. For an honest opinion, yesterday was the first (and i think also the last time) Sir Ichwan made my day. After teaching me for 4 months, he was not annoying yesterday. He said he love my work. That is a relief. Because i thought it wont be good enough. So, thank you Sir, for not screwing my day yesterday. I hope i pass your class. :3

Okay, good night everyone. Missing my chat buddies. They have been gone lately. Now i need to find anyone who wants to listen my stories. Ah, no need, my blog is here with me.


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