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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brace Myself

i wonder why my post from grave can be a popular post? i am wondering is there anyone here is digging my past or something? hahahaha just kidding. there is no one dig my past.

anyway i am writing this post in one of fast-food restaurant near my home. This - honestly - is not comfortable. very uncomfortable. i just done my poster for my cousin. it is funny tho because i never done such a thing. i mean make some poster is not my expertise. it needs imagination and my 'engine' doesnt warm yet, if you know what i mean. anyway, i finished it anyway. it is good to have job that suits my passion. anyway, i have one day left before i go to the battlefield. this term will be my 4th term and i am really excited. wish me luck okay, pal?

much much love

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