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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Real Years

00:19 a.m.

Valentine's day has passed and it passed well, since i spent it with my friends eating sushi in the evening, went to fashion bazaar called Euphoria Project and had dessert at Jill in Market Bar. #clothesoverboys #dessertintheend #hadfun. Anyway the bazaar was not that good, i don't know why. but the dinner was perfect. i didn't eat sushi for awhile and i kinda miss it. but believe me, because i am not trying to exaggerate the situation here, sushi is worth it, because before i went to eat sushi, i already had lunch. but i ate sushi anyway because sushi is worth the fullness. i don't mind spare one side of my stomach to fill it with sushi. hehehe.

by the way, let's pray for Sinabung and Kelud. May people there are given the power and strength to survive, and May God always bless them. Amen.

Oh rio introduced me to one new easy-listening song. such a shame i could not find the lyric, but thanks to soundcloud, i can hear it every time i am online. this song comes from Years and Years titled Real. Since i adore the video clip model (read: Ben Wishaw(p.s. he is not only cute with the beard on)), but it is bigger than that. i like this song. hehehe. yeay! another new catchy song.

00:44 a.m.

Oh, love, i will let you go. 

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