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Friday, February 14, 2014

Code Name: S

I don't want to be cheesy or anything but his birthday only happens once a year, so yah.. 

Happy birthday, you my wing man aka abang spencer aka abang Quartermaster aka horse aka Satrio Putranto. Ha-ha you are old. 

I wish you a very great year ahead, graduate soon so you can take classes in some fashion school in Milan or New York and someday make your own clothing line. 

I wish you a very great life with the best people you can have in your life now and later. And being with them as long as you possibly can. 

I wish you the nicest life you can ever get because you deserve it. 

Happy birthday, Satrio.

see? you are cuter with short hair. lol.
Since i can not draw your face and i am not a good cartoonist or someone like that, i made you photo collage. and maybe you are wondering where is our photo together i am gonna say there is not. i am the grumpy hello kitty with red ribbon or the cat who tried to jump. hehehehe.

Happy birthday, pal. Loaf you! <3

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