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Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's All Paid Off

Hi guys, long time no see. Just read my previous short story, and it was so sad, wondering why i wrote such a story. It's devastating. Today I finished my study at Lasalle. Doesn't feel too much, you know what i mean. Not even relief. It's just weird. But 2 years went so fast, man! It was like yesterday i came to my college orientation day with dorky glasses and very very very ordinary white shirt and jeans. I was sooo nervous and I prayed the night before my orientation to had friends during my study. I usually feel anxious and awkward before attending schools. College didn't make it any different. And chose fashion school like Lasalle didn't make me less anxious and nervous and shy and awkward. Wasn't so excited attending the orientation day, i came anyway. It wasn't as hard as I thought before, but i was very awkward and friend-less. Lol. As you all know i chose Fashion Business as my major and got 1.1 among 3 classes. Tried to blend in awkwardly i kept telling myself that i was so lucky, because we didn't experience massive college drama I always avoid. So, we spent two years together with birthday tradition which i always look for, since everyone (most of everyone) would be there and there were also many sleepless nights to finish our assignments. Got cranky sometimes because i couldn't control myself, and found myself crying because it was just too much. Experienced my first fashion show by winning the tickets from kak Dian Aisyah (Founder of Nine12). Instead of getting two tickets, I got 4 instead. Thank you, kak! hehe.

Lost our assignments during Store Layout subject made me so sad, because I personally didn't enjoy that subject. I wonder how those interior design students could survive without attempting suicide. And I did thank God for letting me pass that subject. And i just can't forget i said yes to be finance manager in Enterprise project since I passed the subjects (Accounting, Budget Planning, and Finance) with very average scores. I wonder ever since. Enterprise project was our mountain of subjects from the first semester. We apparently needed them all to pass Enterprise project. And i couldn't ask for better partners. We were maybe not perfect and but we nailed it. We nailed enterprise project. Working on Fitlosophy was like taking care of our own flesh, you know. One-cute-yet-demanding baby. And i am telling you, it's paid off. Those sleepless nights, those cranky days, those nightmares, those anxious feelings i had, those doubtful thoughts, it's paid off.

To sum everything up, and for awkward girls out there (hoho) shit happens and life never wait for you, oh, and if you think you want to quit and get a husband, just wait a second because there is always pot full of golds at the end of the rainbow. For some people who try to lie to herself and not following her dreams, that's sad because you always have choices to do so. The last, you can never please the whole society. Choose the ones who matter, your life will be so much easier.

Pardon my not camera-able faces, everyone.


Press kit for Communication Mix Subject <3

Kucel :(

Let my simple designed skirt worn ;p

Ranee's birthday

Me awkwardly smile at Segarra for my 20th birthday

I found this pic so cute

Kak Diana :D

Photo-shoot for Fitlosophy

Fitlosophy being demanding

Camera Hoggers

Pre-JFW Moment

Christmas dinner with the girls <3


Sama The Label Photo shoot with Kak Putri! :D

At Indonesia Fashion Week 2013


  1. Kyaaa congratulation Anggi!
    I saw your name at one magazine and I'm so proud of you.
    At the end of every sad story you wrote will come to the happy ending.
    I can't congratulate you enough <3 <3

    1. Oviinnn makasihhh!!! What magazine tho.....? lol
      Ahhhh youuu.. <3

    2. Di gogirl! nggik yg edisi bulan ini hihi kyaaa selamat ya :3