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Monday, January 5, 2015

Honest Thought

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I can't be thankful enough to express how blessed I am to have such a wonderful life, surrounded by caring and great people, had my chance to meet thoughtful person and most of them teach me many life lessons. I told you that I am a very awkward person and (honestly) not a people person, but I always love birthday party. The small and intimate ones with my best people. I don't think I will celebrate it this year, but one birthday dinner won't hurt, yes?

Anyway, I just came back from....Umrah. And I have to face the (apparently) very common question from people: "How does it feel?"

The very honest answer is that despite the fact that I no longer can wear my not-very-short pants, I am generally blessed, but I also can't say I am willing to wear hijab soon. And I also can't say that I am not sad to give them (my beloved short pants) to others, but that's okay. It's okay now.

And despite that some people expect me to change drastically and wear those long clothes as my daily outfits, I'm sorry I have to say no. Since I haven't 'called' yet and I am not feeling very comfortable wearing those, I just don't want to be a basic hypocrite. To people and especially to myself.

I see Umrah as one of my duties as Moslems, tho. So when people told me that there will be many blessings I get for doing Umrah, I don't think that it will affect me too much. It won't do me any favour if I can't be a better person after.

That's the reason I don't post any of my looks, outfits, or face on my instagram during Umrah to avoid high expectations from others. That, and I honestly don't look nice wearing hijab *tehe*. Oh, and I still love my pinkish hair, so yeah..

Happy New Year 2015 Everyone!

No resolution this year, only solid solutions.


1 comment:

  1. Happy belated birthday! Pengen Umrah juga suatu saat, insya Allah! (Amin). Btw, I like your writings. Keep it up! :D