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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend Getaway

Now I know what short getaway feels like. It feels so good to experience it. But then i feel miserable afterwards. I miss the good time I spent and the activities I done during getaway. It's not only about the place but also the companion. Lucky me, I had the best getaway companions. Even we didn't have exact schedules or plan, and this getaway was also planned in such a short time, but I found that it's more exciting. You will find this funny because we four planned to take second flight to Singapore in the morning, but somehow one of us was late to book her flight, so she took another flight 30 minutes after us.

We didn't choose hotel during our stay because beside it's more affordable, we didn't have plan to stay in the room. We chose a very nice loft at River Valley Road next to Tony's Pizza. The loft used sophisticated password door with codes and stuff, we had trouble remembering the password. hehe.

Anyway, I had nice new york style pizza with lemonade for lunch. Then I and a friend went to our first destination: Laneway Festival at The Meadow to watch one and only Goddess we know: Banks. Even there were bunch of artists on the list, I honestly don't know them which is very shameful because back in three days before I went, a friend mentioned his favorite musician that will be performing at Laneway Festival who I didn't know about. 

That was my first time went to The Meadow and after all, that trip was my first trip to SIngapore. I have never been to Singapore before and I finally found that Singapore is a very decent country with smaller size than Jakarta. The people are nice and they have this remarkable habit called 'mind their own business'. 

Yet we could walk peacefully. Peacefully without bothered by motorcycles that most of the time will take half of pedestrian road because they simply didn't want to experience the traffic. Oh, and I miss how SIngapore almost never had problem with traffic jam. 

We sit on the grass eating hot dogs. I also had salt caramel ice cream which I slightly regret. But it tasted good so yah..

Anyway, we finally watched Banks and Gaby wore the same outfit as Banks which is very funny because she has major girl crush on Banks. Well, we all do. 

She sang our favoritie and most played songs on my playlist. Started with This Is What It Feels Like, then Brain (!!!!), Warm Water, You Drove Me Crazy, Before I Even Met You, Change, Waiting Game, and Beggin' For Thread. I believe there are some songs I forgot. But she definitely missed Goddess and Under The Table and Alibi (hiks). There were two performances left after Banks and we decided to go home.

The next day started at 12.00p.m. We were very exhausted and woke up hungry. Since it was more proper to call it lunch, but we insisted to called it brunch. We had (tasty) gourmet burgers for brunch on Haji Lane street (if i was not mistaken). The burger was real. It worth every dollar I spent (I am not gonna lie). If you by chance go to SIngapore, just don't forget I tell you that the burger is worth it. The street had paintings on the wall and we could not miss it. 

Then we went to Bugis Junction where I bought sweets as souvenirs. No one could resist Kinder chocolate and Kitkat Green tea, I dare you. Then we went to Sentosa by Sentosa Express. We took one ride called Skyline Luge Sentosa. We screamed all the way up and down. Hahahaha. I just realised I have that height phobia. But I am telling you the ride down was very fun!! The ride was called Luge, I suppose. Originally invented in New Zealand years ago. It was like mini 'go cart' and fit for only one people. 

Then we took beach tram to go to Palawan Beach. But before that, I order Old Chang Kee nuggets. They were so good! We spent time watching sunset. 

When we starved at 11 p.m. we decided to go to Newton Food Centre and had seafood! Yeay-ness! 



And I have my good vibes battery charged for the next whole week.


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