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Friday, February 24, 2012

I Let This Jerk Go

I ever had a crush, and i thank to God i didnt take him as boyfriend, because after i said to him that i couldnt be with him with many rational reasons, he go and chase after another girl. What a greaaaatttt thing i have got here! He gave me flowers, err... actually roses, and  i thought that couldnt be enough, because those might die in several days. And he said to me that he will waited for me. Do you really want to know how i response him, "BULLSH*T!!" It is impossible, i said that to myself. I dont really trusted him at that time, because you know, i got weird feeling about him, and one more thing, he knew he doesnt deserve me, anyway.

I ever liked him for several weeks, then, i knew he couldnt fit to me. He was nice but not as good as my ex. He was sweet but that was too much. Remember what Mika sings, "Sweets gonna rout your soul." and that aint good.

You want to know the funniest thing, pal? I stop liking him when he starts tells me not-so-beautiful words, and i feel, YUCK. Thanks Jerk, i passed on you with no scars. Goodluck chasing that un-lucky girl.

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