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Friday, February 24, 2012

A System

i miss blogging so much. i couldn't do it until today because i was so busy doing exams, assignments and many things. BUT, now i am here.

I have a not-really-sad-story here. i didnt get the SNMPTN Undangan-thingy but that is really okay, cause i dont expect it. How could you expect something that includes weird system? How could that silly government jugde how we study and get the scores only BASED on that scores report, and how the hell that government think? We could cheat, we could manipulate those scores easily, tho?

It is not because i dont agree with that system or think my friends cheated to get those scores, but in my way to think, that is kinda funny. Do you really believe WE- the students- dont cheat during exams? ha-ha. Dont, be so naive, Sir.

I said it, because corruption just became a habit-the thing we can always do, everyday, everytime.

But that is okay. For me, i dont f-ing care how they and we get the scores. But for everybody who care, stop what you think that is wrong.

Anyway, Congratz for them who got the invitation SNMPTN-thingy.

Now, what is next?

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