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Friday, February 24, 2012

Kurt, Besfriends Do Exist

i am having great times, here, with friends and bestfriends. I know i cant have them forever, but they are they best i have ever got. How we share something special, how we laugh at this temporary life how i cried then they said, "thats okay. but this is the last time you cried because of him." hahahaha. i will miss that sweet moment.
How we having an argument, how we talk about other chicks. haha. And the best part was the story we talk about the chicks are true! What a life.

I know bestfriends do exist!

But i know, and we know, we already miss those situations.

Please stay, fellas! <3

"I prefer be hated for who i am than be loved for who i am not." - Kurt Cobain 

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