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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summin' Up

Hello everyone! Ramadhan month will start in two days and honestly i am not really ready for it, wish me luck. And today should be a hectic day, but it's not very hectic eventually. So our final project's been going well and we will start our production soon. And i am more than excited to tell you guys what is going on. Anyway, i kind of miss writing story (make sad story as i always do) but i don't really have time to start being sad and bleed (as Mr. Hemmingway said). These photos below should be enough to sum up what i really do when i am in the middle of the project making. 

This is me tired and want to have some fun on tumblr. Ignore me. 

the real sneak peek

exhausted selfie (1)

exhausted selfie (2)

exhausted selfie (3)

exhausted (yet try to make pretty face) selfie

Apparently your ex-boyfriend defeats your enemy.

This is me when i have no hair dye left. 


  1. wish you luck! Me not ready for ramadhan as well but still thankful it comes so fast! hehe.
    ANyway, did you make the art? cause I love it! Esp. the last one, hehe.


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I didn't make it, i took it from tumblr because it suits me. Hehehe. Keep in touch!


  3. cute post!