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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When I Wasn't Busy Crying Into My Granola, I Had Cute Brunch

Hello everyone. I just got home from giving Rio his birthday gift (it's very late, i know, but yeah, i don't really have any excuse, tho) and he kinda liked it (i guess). i am not really sure either. And earlier today I and friends had a cute little brunch at Le Cafe Gourmand at Gunawarman. The cafe was genuinely nice and comfortable for doing homework or just simply having long talk with friends. It's not so private but the lighting above our seat was perfect. And for the food i recommended Chef's Salad. I am not recommending my own choice because it was not that good, but that's okay. By the way i ordered Croque Monsieur. Oh, they also have gelato. I was so thrilled. I love gelato. It makes me happy. Of course i ordered matcha flavour, but oreo and rum raisin also tasted good. And then we took pictures, as always. And then we went to our Enterprise class and we were late.

Anyway i am having a headache i don't know how. But i am sure it's because i ate too much sugar today. But it's all worth it.