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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Sudden Turn

Today was a nice day and started in Tanah Abang (I have to admit that Tanah Abang's been our place to hang out lol just kidding), we bought some fabrics for our project and after that we had plan to go to Pasar Mayestik, but since it's too early and we wanted to - you know - have a snack time, we decided to go to Trafique Coffee which is a huge cozy coffee house placed near in Senayan City. Designed simple and homey with white brick walls and yellow cute door with unorthodox door panel. And inside it did look like a house. Not literally a house with bedroom but living room with many chairs and tables to surround the barista's spot (you know, an area to prepare our order) and there are also paintings most of them try to embrace the love of the owner for Indonesian's heritage. And we sat next to the window where we could small outdoor area that used to plant green plants everywhere (i can't say it's a garden but it looked like one, but it's not). So green and relaxing, i must say. Since i never fancy coffee and have no plan to fancy in any time soon, i ordered Ice Green Tea which tasted like green tea. It tasted nice. And my friend recommended Nutella and Banana Bread (it's a strong name, don't you think?), and i took her suggestion to try one, and i don't regret it. It's delicious and it only costs me less than IDR 30.000. We had a great time there and since it's a big house you guys don't need to worry about choosing your best spot to work or to chat. Anyway, it's the coziest coffee house i have ever been so i won't hesitate to come back for more Nutella and Banana Breads. But if you expect they serve main course, just don't put your expectation too high. Just don't. Oh, they also have their own website! And i forgot to say that they played my favorite songs from Tulus. Happy!

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