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Friday, July 25, 2014

Holiday In Disguise

Hello! It's me again, hehe. So i am already in Malang for a very short holiday (not actually holiday, tho) but i will call it that way. Since the project we're been working on is going well, i want to say that i was really thrilled by the peoples' reaction towards our brand, and it was such a dream came true. Not only me, we were all thrilled and i apologise before because we couldn't directly send the catalog due to the delay of pricing decision, but we will get back to you soon. And you guys can check our instagram account and you can drop your e-mail to get our catalog. Oh, and Malang isn't that cold, 28 degree celcius ain't that cold, yes? I know it will get worse so yah. Oh, i almost forget, i am sick, literally sick. I just don't know how but i am pretty sure because i ate too many fried food this last two days. And don't forget about Nasi Padang the day before yesterday. I am so done with this flu. Oh and my friend sent her dinner which is popcorn fried rice (??) (i still wonder where that idea comes from), it's not very common but she said it tasted good. Will try it another time. I guess i don't know what to write and i have to get back to my merchandising plan, so, that's all.


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