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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Catching Up Session

Hello everyone, i just got back from having dinner (breakfasting, actually) with my high school basic best friends, we had sushi and i am glad that we had a nice long catching up session because i didn't meet them for...year. It's always good to spend time talking about everything, everyone, or random things. We didn't take any photo because we were busy....eating. Anyway, there is one tea house just opened in Malang not so long ago, and i have been craving to go there. So we decided to have some tea time there and the tea house was super cute. I considered it a big tea house because most of local cafes in Malang are not that big. It designed commonly vintage with many properties like popcorn maker and cotton-candy maker (if i was not mistaken) but i don't really think it suits the concept, tho. But still, it's cute. There are two main colors, baby pink and turquoise and floral patterns were everywhere, even in the bathroom. I personally thought it has the same concept as Nanny's Pavillon. Because i am still sick i couldn't order ice cream so i went with Hot Avocado Tea (it really tasted like avocado *o*) and Oreo Cheesecake in Jar. Don't worry about the price, it's very very affordable. I just can't imagine how they can sell it so cheap, man. Three of us only spent less than IDR 100,000 for three drinks and two cakes. It was 9 p.m so we decided to go home (but it's not close yet) we set a plan to meet another time. I think that's a wrap. Oh, and i currently love this brand from Australia, they have cute shoes omg i love the pattern. So adorable. It definitely can get in to my forever wish-list. Hehehehe.

the shoes i was talking about, cute yes?

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