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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

That's A Wrap

I honestly miss my blog so much. And i am glad that i have a chance to pay my debt. hehehe. Anyway yesterday was our final presentation for our final project (it's a wrap!) and i am proud to tell you guys that we all aced it (Alhamdulillah) and the paper revision will start tomorrow (still wondering why, think about it makes me sad) and hope there will be no revision. Amen. What i want to tell you guys is that i personally feel satisfied for what we've done this 2 years and especially these 3 months. 

those photos above happened when we were in the middle of enterprise class, we were so bored and decided to click 'Photo Booth'. And look what happened. It's not always tense and chaotic in the process, we can have some fun too. 

This meme really describes what i felt this past three months. I rarely went to the gym (thanks for the time you took, enterprise) but trust me, it worth all the times. Enterprise is like my possesive boyfriend i will never have (since i am the one who always be possesive in the relationship. okay i admit it.) I laughed hard to this photo, by the way.

i am feeling wicked

Last thursday we celebrated Agin's birthday by having late lunch at Blue Fox in Senopati (I gotta say it's a very cozy place to have some lunch, but i recommend you to pick tables in the downstairs but you can always go upstairs to take good pictures), and we had a very good time since she loved the presents (hehehe). 
At last she had the chance to be GGS's main character (lol)

The 'all-white' photo was when we looked for trousers for our presentation, and the photo below that was taken when we arranged our booth at campus. Our booth was great i really liked it (if you guys checked my instagram, you'll know how cute it is). 
Being tired and bored make you did things.


The Fit Comittee

Happy face before the presentation began<3
I would like to thank everyone who already gave us huge support to finish our project (which is my mom and dad (thanks for the prayer, understanding, and the effort in cash you willing to give us)) i love you guys even i never literally tell you, but i do(mumumu). 

check Fitlosophy and leave me your emails in the comment to get our catalog! xx  


  1. These photos are so cute. It's always awesome having fun! Good luck with your enterprise project. It looks great. xx


    1. Thank you for posting a comment, hope things go well for you too :)